The Shop


Written by Julie Seabaugh:

When Omid Singh lost his father, he gained a clothing store. He was unprepared for either.   

The Shop, a tragicomic short film based on true biographical events, finds Singh channeling his grief into liquidating 100,000-plus items of merchandise. The cheap Bermuda shorts and Sherpa-lined vests are metaphors; every pair of sweatpants symbolic of lifetime memories. As Singh spends a year physically emptying Bonita K, he simultaneously unpacks the loss of his father.  

Singh is daunted but resolved whether he’s navigating his way through the China and India wholesale trade (“Our biggest seller right now is dashikis, thanks to Black Panther,”) unloading a few hoodies amid deal-seeking sharks or starting a stand-up open mic between the narrow aisles. “I got the clothing shop when my dad was deported,” Singh tells his performer buddies. “Excuse me: departed.”

Written, directed and starring real-life comedian Singh along with supporting cast Mercedes Ramirez, Josh Nasar, Becky Robinson, Eric Schwartz, Brian Moreno, The Shop was filmed on-site in L.A.’s downtown Fashion District. The result is an ode to the unbreakable bond between fathers and sons, and a thoughtful, understated reminder that as an art form, comedy’s greatest power remains transforming loss to laughter.